Caring for your Solid Gold and Plated Jewelry - Helpful Tips

❏ Caring For Your Jewelry

1. Try not to wear your jewelry in the shower or to bed to avoid soapy residue or accidental pulling on prongs.
2. Remove jewelry before strenuous activity such as exercise. 
3. All delicate styles with accent stones must be treated with care to avoid reshaping.
4. Do not expose your jewelry to chemicals like bleach, chlorine, hairspray, to avoid chemical reactions or breakdown of materials.
5. In order to avoid snagging on clothing and hair please follow the first off last on rule -- Remove jewelry first when undressing and put it on last when dressing

❏ Caring For Gold Plated Jewelry

In addition to the care tips, please remember that anything plated will eventually wear away with time. However, with proper care, you can extend the lifespan of gold plated jewelry.

1. Do not wear your plated rings while performing tasks that require excessive use of your hands to avoid bumping or scratching.
2. Do not sleep with your plated jewelry to avoid sweat residue, tangling in sheets, or bumping on furniture such as headboards and night stands.
3. Your skin pH also affects the plating. Some people perspire stronger than others causing the plating to fade faster. 
4. Do not wear gold plated items during strenuous activity to prolong the life of your plating.

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